S e r v i c e s

G e l M a n i c u r e

• No-chip Gel Manicure - $45

• Clear Hard Gel Manicure - $45

• Bodyguard No-Chip Gel Manicure - $50

• Hard Gel & No-Chip Color Overlay - $60

• Full Set Extensions with No-Chip Gel Color Overlay - $70+

D i p p i n g B o d y g u a r d
G e l M a n i c u r e

• Dipping Bodyguard Gel Manicure - $55+

• Dipping Powder Bodyguard Color Gel - $60+

• Dipping Bodyguard French Gel Manicure - $60+

• Dipping Powder Bodyguard Gel Manicure Ombre - $65+

** bodyguard gel is infused with vitamins A, E, & Pro-Vitamin B5 to promote healthy nail growth.

O t h e r S e r v i c e s

• No-Chip Removal Hands/Toes - $15/$25

• Creative Nail Art - $5+

• Extensions/Tips - $10

• Extension Nail Repair - $5/ per nail

• Natural Nail Repair - $3 / per nail

K e r y F l e x N a i l
R e s t o r a t i o n S y s t e m

• Nail Bed Of Natural Nail Size - $25/nail

• Nail Bed With Nail Extension - $35/nail

** Keryflex is NOT a treatment for onychomycosis or related nail disorders. Keryflex is designed for use as a cosmetic to make a nail appear more attractive.

The Rewards Program

• Refer a friend and get $5 off on your next appointment

w h a t i f . . .

b e c a u s e w e j u s t k n o w t h i n g s c a n h a p p e n

Please call us if you think you will arrive late for your reserved appointment time. If you are late up to 15 min, we will try to adjust our schedule. However, if you are more than 15 minutes late, we will need to reschedule your appointmentand 50% charge of the service will be applied.

Appointment cancelation with less than 24-hour or NO-SHOW will be charge with a late cancellation fee, which is 50% of the appointment price. NO-SHOW appointment fee is a full price of the appointment.

All customers ( including the first time customers) should secure their appointment with the credit card on file.

We accept numerous payment options: cash, Venmo, PayPal, checks, credit cards (3% will be applied).

The hard gel nail polish (compare to the no-chip manicure) lasts for up to 3-4 weeks without chipping. This increases the gap between your salon visits saving you time and money. It is non-porous which means that it does not let moisture from the atmosphere into your nails. With a glassy finish, hard gel nail polish looks very classic and adorable.

You can buy a gel remover or pure acetone for the process. Dip a ball of cotton in any of the solution and cover your nails with it. Again cover this with aluminum foil and then with a cloth to fasten the removal process. It can take from a quarter of an hour to an hour depending on the brand of gel you use. After this moisturize your nail and use a cuticle oil to keep it healthy. However, the safest and easiest way to remove it, is to schedule an appointment with one of our Nail Techs.

Unfortunately, we do nor allow any nail kits from outside of the salon. Your safety is our top priority. All the kits are new and individual for each customer. All our tools are fully sterilized in autoclave, which helps to kill a 100 percent of all bacteria and viruses.

If you came from another nail technician and have an infection, we only offer Classic manicure and/or pedicure. However Doc's note is required to schedule your next appointment. We recommend Dr. Lisa Levick-Doane. Learn more about the procedure and booking options at kipferl.com

Gift cards are available for purchase at the Salon or through the Vagaro app.