Manicure - Hot oil. Paraffin Wax. Shellac. Gel. Acrylic. It's probably been a while since you even thought about your nails. Between spending all your money on face masks, hand sanitizer, and various grocery delivery services, it can feel like a manicure should be at the bottom of your priority list. But, taking the time to focus on your hands is considered an act of self care. A good manicure provides ongoing nail health, a circulation boost, and an opportunity to destress your mind and body. Plus, the positive impact of taking care of your nails, both in terms of aesthetics and mindfulness, can make you feel good long after your appointment is over.

Quarantine Nails are a Thing

Since manicures have likely taken a backseat during your stay-in-home order, now is a great time to focus on that self care. Whether you peeled off your no-chip in the shower or your skin feels like sandpaper from the constant washing and sanitizing due to COVID-19, Liana at Fancy Shmancy in Highland Park can help.

Build a Strong Foundation

Heard of this one? GELFX Bodyguard is an all-in-one gel overlay that guards, protects, and strengthens your nails. It’s infused with Vitamins A, E, and, B5 to promote healthy nail growth. This is an excellent enhancement that adds strength to your natural nails.

If you’re someone who values organic and cruelty-free products, then Fancy Shmancy is definitely the place for you. Each of these brands makes 100 percent cruelty-free nail polishes, making an ethical manicure as easy as ever. Liana has multiple options when it comes to vegan nail polishes:

- Duri, a brand known for its vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, long-lasting formulated nail polishes and nail strengtheners.
- Orly products promote strong nail growth and give those weak, quarantine nails the TLC they need to grow faster, longer, and stronger.
- Zoya incorporates a system for damaged nails, which includes a demi-gel layer to lock-in treatment and protect nails.
- No-chip/shellac manicures have become a popular choice for many women, particularly in recent years. Fancy Shmancy also offers the CND Polish System, which is the first-ever long-wear polish infused with Vitamin E, keratin, and Jojoba oil. It delivers up to two weeks of high-performance wear with no nail damage.

Regardless of the option you choose, remember that a manicure is so much more than just choosing the right color nail polish; it’s about slowing down and prioritizing yourself every now and again. At Fancy Shmancy, whether you’re looking to just fix up those quarantine nails or treat yourself to a truly unique and relaxing experience, Liana is here for you. She’s ready to make your nails beautiful and unique, just like the woman they belong to!