w e l c o m e t o t h e b e a u t y t e m p l e

w h e r e t h e b e a u t y b e g i n s.

Fancy Shmancy is not the way you look. It's how you feel on the inside. Our mission is to make YOU experience this state of mind with any of our services.

We provide

100% sterille and professional services

We have

unique collection of nail designs

We know

what an unwinding experience is

We love

and treat our clients like rare pearls

W h a t d o w e o f f e r

t h e t y p e o f s e r v i c e s w e d o.

M e e t t h e C r e a t o r

H e l l o , I ' m L i a n a

The brand Fancy Shmancy was born from a phrase that Liana's first client started to use describing how they feel after getting her services. "Every time I come over, you make me feel so fancy-shmancy,"– said one of them. After a couple of weeks later, Liana Reznik got the same compliment from another client. A few months passed by, and she was known as the Fancy Shmancy girl! At first, Liana wasn't even sure what exactly meant, but one of the ladies explained that it's a Jewish slang, and refers to someone who is excessive proud. As time flew by, a new mom of two girls opened a beauty salon in the downtown of Highland Park, called "Fancy Shmancy," to make every woman in any age feel beautiful on the inside and out.

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W e l o v e o u r c l i e n t s

a n d t h e y a p p r e c i a t e o u r w o r k.
I am so happy to have found Fancy Shmancy. The location is perfect! My nails have never looked better. Liana is amazing and does great designs. I’m hooked!

- Denise Isabella Ucsenoi

Had my nails done today and love them as always. They also had complimentary parking and a car wash. What am amazing idea and made life easier so I was not late. Thanks Liana

- Ruth Levin

Liana is phenomenal. She made my mediocre nails into works of art. Right now she is trying to save a nail that has fungus caused by another salon. I will never ever leave Liana again. Double wow today!!!! Fancy Schmancy now has valet parking and car washes If you are running late or you cannot find a parking place or the weather is yucky, this is for you Liana is doing everything for her clients. Great Kudos to her

- Phyllis D.

What a lovely place! The gals that work there are so friendly & professional. I receive so many compliments on my nails. I have the gel manicure, and my nails look amazing for weeks. The pedicures are top notch. I have been going here for several months and am so pleased with this place.

- Jan R.

Best dip manicure. Diana was an excellent manicurist. The space is nice and the people that work here are very welcoming.

- Pamela C.

I am so happy I found Liana. My nails are amazing and she was so kind! I highly recommend going here if you want the best nails in town! The photo is days later.

- Amy T.

I thoroughly enjoyed my very first experience today at Fancy Shmancy! Nice quiet and relaxing atmosphere. All tools are sterile and the space is very clean. I will definitely be coming back again.

- Chala J.

My nails are gorgeous thanks to Fancy Schmancy!

- Jenni Levine

Liana is a true nail artist. Her prices are excellent and she and her staff are so personable. Can't wait to go back the next time I'm in town!

- Rebecca M

This is not your typical nail salon! They are REAL (really real) people and just the most friendly -- I left feeling like I had spent an hour with old friends. They DO NOT SCRAPE OFF YOUR GEL. This takes longer than the cheapo quick places that charge a titch less but I left with a manicure that both looks great and didn't damage the crap out of my nails and cuticles. I will be a regular here in no time. Don't think twice -- if you get no-chip manicures regularly, this is what you're looking for.

- Amanda N

Came in today for a manicure, I really loved this place! Atmosphere was great! Staff was friendly and funny! I couldn't have found a better getaway! I will definitely return!!

- Michael K

Thank you ladies for getting my mom and i in this week. Our nails look amazing!! You gals are so fun to hang with and so professional. See you next time!!

- Kasey B

This is a whole new level of nail care from what I've experienced in the past! Liana was prompt, polite, and very professional as she explained everything she'd be doing for my dip manicure. She showed me all the tools she'd use and that they were sterilized between each customer. She was meticulous, gentle, friendly and very knowledgeable. Her new location at St Johns and Central has plenty of parking (a problem in HP) and her salon is very clean, bright and chic. I will not be going anywhere else from now on, and will recommend her to everyone.

- Rachel M

Today was my first time here. As long as they are in business and I live in the area, they have a customer for life!! Liana is educated and professional. She told me the last nail shop I was frequenting, told me two lies. 1) You can't get "the dip" on artificial nails. B) Charged me for gel (more expensive) and were actually putting acrylic on my nails. She fixed my nails and they look amazing. I also got the dip! I truly enjoyed my time here and will be back often. I live 17 miles from here (my fiance thinks I'm nuts for traveling that far for my nails, but it is SOOOOO worth it, he doesn't get it)! I can not say enough positive praise about this place!!! Both ladies were helpful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

- Maryellen M

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